Seamus Sugar Cookie Pet Daily Spritz--Cologne-Deodorant-Odor-Eliminator-Body Spray for Dogs and Cats

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Infuse your pet’s coat with the scent of fresh-baked sugar cookies. Most perfumes can have an over barring scent that smells like you are just masking a worse smell (ex: wet dog) If you can’t stand it imagine what it is like for your pet, who has a keen sense of smell? Our refreshing daily spritz utilizes our exclusive deodorizer, Essence of Sugar Cookies. Formulated with a water-base, this product is great for pets with sensitive skin. Invigorating, long lasting and refreshing scent lasts for days. Seamus uses Pharmasome Technology. Pharmasomes is applied to the animal’s skin, for example, the Pharmasomes are deposited on the skin and quickly begin to merge with the animal’s cellular membranes. Pharmasomes make it possible for ingredients to penetrate deeper, and will release the functional ingredients over a longer period of time. In other words, it is time released and LAST LONGER.