Seamus Cherry Blossom Soap-Free Shampoo

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Smells like Japanese Cherry Blossom! A soap-free, professionally formulated shampoo which contains coat conditioners, coat cleansers and optical brighteners. This product cleanses safely and leaves the coat soft and fresh while enhancing the natural coat texture and overall manageability. Advanced formula greatly reduces stains, highlights and brightens all colors, and deodorizes using a fresh essence of Japanese Cherry Blossom scent. For dogs, cats, and horses.
Your Pets Will Love This Because: 
  • Mild yet effective soap-free formula, ideal for sensitive skin 
  • Scented with essence of Japanese Cherry Blossom leaving your pet smelling nicely 
  • Reduces stains, brightens colors and leaves the coat feeling soft and looking fresh 
  • Perfect for white or dark coats that need whitening or brightening 
  • For dogs, cats, horses 
  • Soap-free shampoo cleanse and nourish pets’ skin and coats without harsh chemicals. 

IS YOUR PET’S COMFORT IMPORTANT TO YOU? Professionally formulated mild yet effective soap-free formula is ideal for SENITIVE, DRY, and ITCHY skin used and recommended by Veterinarians for dogs, cats and horses.

HOW LONG AFTER A BATH DOES YOUR SMELL LIKE HE/SHE NEED ANOTHER ONE? Many pets right after a bath they try to find a mud hole to roll in. This shampoo contains a patented Pharmasome technology which allows the active ingredients to penetrate the skin and be time released, in other words, IT LAST LONGER. Scented with essence of Japanese Cherry Blossom leaving your pet smelling great as well as containing coat conditioners and cleaners.